As a health focused company, self-improvement is at our core. We are constantly thinking about how we can improve our products, our taste, and our environmental impact so we can elevate you to be your potential.


Delicious, Sustainable and Healthy

At YLD, we are relentless in the pursuit of improving our core values.

Delicious: Can healthy also be delicious?  Absolutely!  Freshness and quality are at the core of all YLD products.  We are particular in choosing ingredients; never settling, we test varieties of all seeds, nuts, and dried fruits to select only the best.  Our strongest differentiator: we freshly flake oats daily, providing the full spectrum of flavor from this superfood.    

Healthy: At YLD, critically challenging beliefs, behaviors and habits around health is a way of life.  A commitment to fresh, nutrient packed, and certified organic ingredients is our way to nudge you into a healthy routine.  YLD products are designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul; all of which are essential to well-being.      

Sustainable: Sustainable food isn’t only about the food itself. It’s a combination of factors including how the food is produced, how it’s distributed, how it’s packaged and how it’s consumed.  At YLD, we have answers to all of these questions.
100% plant based, certified organic, with a focus on regionally sourced ingredients.  Our small scale produce-per-order strategy ensures less food spoilage and our paper based packaging results in less waste.

We are thankful for what nature has to offer, so we keep our products wild, untampered, and true to how nature intended them for us.