Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on how to eat healthy and be healthy? We surely do. That’s why we have taken on the challenge to break down what’s out there.

We believe that being healthy starts with you.  Our part is to simplify it. 

At YLD, critically questioning beliefs, behaviours and habits around food and health is a way of life.  What is essential to your everyday wellbeing? How can you get the most out of ingredients without going out of the way for them? Can you raise your potential through simple, dietary routines?

We are thankful for what nature has to offer and our ingredients are sourced with this in mind . ‘Organic’ does not only mean fulfilling certain regulatory standards set by institutions, but being mindful about the environment. That’s why we want to keep our products wild, untampered, and true to how nature intended them for us.


wild blueberries